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Internationally acclaimed Beatles Artist to show in Oak Park gallery

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Internationally acclaimed Beatles Artist to show in Oak Park gallery

SHANNON, internationally regarded as "The World's Greatest Beatles Artist" by admirers, celebrities, journalists and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, will hold her premiere Chicago gallery exhibition at Wonderwall Music Shoppe & Emporium, Oak Park Illinois, with an exhibition entitled "And Your Bird Can Sing."

This exhibition of 10 stunning, photorealist images of the Beatles are packed with a visual precision and energy that go beyond description and expectations of the medium and the genre. They are paintings that are mistaken as photographs.

Included in the exhibition is SHANNON's larger than life portrayal of John Lennon as we remember seeing him sing "Help" from the opening scene in the 1965 movie, "Help". Lennon's face is in black and white just like the original segment of the film...but SHANNON's twist is to juxtapose Lennon against a yellow background filled with the scribbled song lyrics as if by the Beatle himself. SHANNON has captured what was a brief moment in our past and turned it into an image that is still nostalgic yet now has become something that has a deeper, eternal feeling to it.
"Anjorbirdcinsing" by SHANNON

The title piece for the exhibition "Anjorbirdcinsing" (And Your Bird Can Sing) portraits an introspective Lennon resting chin to hand on his guitar while a parrot perches on his shoulder. Also on view will be a grouping of the four Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper attire and George Harrison holding a sitar.

The universal popularity and awareness of the Beatles makes this an enjoyable and easily accessible art exhibition for those of all ages and backgrounds.

SHANNON's talent has brought her numerous commissions, prestigious awards and international notoriety in the fields of fine art, illustration, logo design, murals, motorcycle design, book covers, movie posters and more. SHANNON's artwork has been televised on The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Good Morning America, Oprah, Hard Copy and Entertainment Tonight.

The "And Your Bird Can Sing" Exhibition by SHANNON, "World's Greatest Beatles Artist," opens on Friday, November 12th, from 7 - 9 PM. The exhibit will be on view between November 12th and Dec 19th of this year. The exhibit takes place at the Wonderwall Music Shoppe & Emporium, which is located at 325 Harrison Street in Oak Park, IL.

The exhibit will be open Thursday and Saturday, Noon to 6 PM, and Friday and Sunday, Noon to 5 PM. Admission is free, and the there is free ample street parking. For information, telephone 708-948-7986, or visit

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Published November 6, 2010

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